Everything produced by myself is unique and tailored exactly to the customer’s needs. With regards Carpentry, everything is ‘hand made’ and bespoke. I thought I could try and explain why bespoke items are generally more expensive than ‘off the shelf’ items:

When an enquiry is received an initial meeting is set-up and armed with my notepad and tape measure off we go!

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Having established what is required, an initial estimate is put together and agreed. After receiving a deposit, the plans are drawn up and a cutting list devised, hardware sought. The timber is purchased, which is usually an all morning job involving driving to Reading, carefully selecting the best boards and arranging delivery.

Once the wood is delivered the first job is to get everything to size  by cutting, planing and thicknessing. The pile of timber shown in the slide-show would probably take 4-6 hrs to produce.

When all the boards are prepared the next job is to mark up and start making the joints.

As the joints are all ‘hand-made’ everyone is checked for fit repeatedly and marked accordingly

After gluing-up, the job of sanding smooth begins with 120, 180 and finally 240 grit glasspaper, In the case of an exterior door or gate, the first coat of wood preserver is applied and left to dry for 3 days! Once the job is completely dry it is rubbed down again and the first of three coats of exterior varnish is applied, rubbing down between coats.

This page is designed to give you a feeling for how much work goes into my products and hopefully give you an insight into why bespoke objects are more expensive than mass-produced wooden items.