Cut from 6mm plywood these coasters consist of 8 varieties of leaves. They can be purchased individually or in sets of 6 or 8. There is a matching place mat available which consists of all 8 leaves interlocked.

Individual coasters         £4 each
Set of 6 coasters              £20
Set of 8 coasters              £26

Individual place mats    £8
Set of 6 place mats          £42
Set of 8 place mats          £55

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This is not an exhaustive list, in fact, it doesn’t even need to be leaves. The beauty of using a Laser CNC machine is that the customer can specify virtually any topic, as long as it can be produced as a black & white bitmap (BMP) or CAD (DXF) file, it can be turned into a coaster or place mat.

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